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Why JuiceBoxes

Let's be honest...there is a LOT that goes into starting and scaling a cartridge brand.

Our comprehensive offering gets you up to speed immediately.

Patent-pending TURNKEY Solution

We developed a kit solution that gives your EXACTLY what you need to produce filled cartridges with a predetermined properties, using your extract.

Is your goal to produce 1000 distillate cartridges with 81% THC, 3.4% CBD, with a 6 different strains, using nothing but 100% terpene-base additives? We can deliver you exactly those inputs, as well as packaging that aligns with your final product size.

J-Cart Technology

Performance: J-Carts are (JCELL, J5, J1003) enable top vaping experiences from all kinds of oil-based formulas.We make sure your cartridge is optimized for your formula, assuring excellent vapor production, flavor transfer, while reducing the potential for leakage/failure.

Safety: Our carts have undergone multiple leach-testing methodologies and have proven free of heavy metals. Click to learn more.

The Right Formula

We offer 22 flavors and 50+ variations of Juice™ - a blend of market-leading terpenes that your carts the proper flavor/ effect profile every batch.

Juice™ can be adapted to SAFELY control costs as well. Our diluent is a blend of 100% plant-derived terpenes. We developed Juice™ so you deliver the right formula, every time.

The Right Packaging

Even the best cartridge won't sell without packaging that speaks to consumers and resellers. To gain traction in the market, you'll need quality, well designed packaging. We know how to design and source packaging that will give you the best chance for success.

Our wholesale kits allow you to build a cartridge company in six months.

Leverage our expertise: scale into the market while avoiding pitfalls.

  • Use the same carts, terpenes, and packaging being used by some of the most successful cart brands today.
  • We offer training and instruction to help you develop a production system. We'll share tips and tricks from our current customers.
  • Our pricing model allows you to validate your idea without breaking the bank, and scale while keeping your costs ultra competitive.

Kit Pricing

Our wholesale kits allow you to validate your idea without risking all of your capital. We'll scale costs down as demand for your brand increases, solidifying a profitable business model and long term success.


from $3.75 / cart

  • 500 - 1000 carts
  • Up to 5 flavors/strains
  • Custom tube, tube box packaging.


from $2.45 / cart

  • 1000 - 10,000 carts*
  • Menu: up to 10 flavors
  • Window Box or Cig Box Packaging
  • *logo on mouthpiece available


from $2.00 / cart

  • 10,000+ carts*
  • Menu: up to 15 flavors
  • Window Box, Cigarette Box
  • *logo on mouthpiece available

Our Brands

Here are some examples of brands built on the JuiceBox platform. Are you ready to be the next Oil tycoon? Let's get started

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